Dec 12, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two


Day 12, and I am running low on ideas.

How low?

Uh. Day 12. I guess I could, like, just mock everything on page 12? I 'unno.

So yes let us mock page 12: tech gifts

I already made fun of the faux quote for the item at the top of the page, the Slide and Negative Converter ($159.99). "...I was able to convert my old slides!" Wow!

Somehow our family missed out on slides. There was a Super-8 camera, and then there was a VHS camera. (They are both in my front hallway closet for reasons I'm still not clear on.) The film and cassettes have been digitized...

...but we never did slides. I don't think I even know how they "worked." At a guess, you could get slides of your photos, along with double-prints, at the pharmacy? We never bothered.

Glad we never bothered. Shoving photos into the copier to digitize them was easy enough.

Moving clockwise... Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones ($129.99). Take it as given that these are overpriced by at least 50%, so these are really $65 bluetooth headphones. I'm not in the market for this product but I was adjacent to people buying multiple sets of these, back on Black Friday, and the consensus that day seemed to be that the $350 Bose ones going down to $270 was a decent price. I can't imagine how crummy these must be, compared to those.

(Recent concourse people-watching leads me to believe that the Bose are for white bizniss dudes who want to overpay for headphones, while everyone else overpays for Beats.)

Eric Stoltz's career has taken a funny twist.

Zapp Golf 2 3D Swing Sensor ($149.95). 95 cents, not 99. This catalog is so goddam dumb. "Clips onto your golf glove to record and analyze your swing in three dimensions."

I dunno. My kid just leans his phone against a spare club, behind the teebox at the range, and hits Record. That's good enough.

Wonder what went wrong with the Zapp Golf 1?

"Cook perfect steaks up to 65 ft. away with the Wireless Meat Thermometer!" ($89.99.)

67-foot-long grill tongs not included, apparently.