Dec 15, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two

Graduation Day

What's the best graduation present in the Sharper Image Holiday 2019 catalog?

Other things happen in December. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and funerals. (Dad joke from the Zone Manager: "If brides wear white because they’re happy, why do men wear black?" Zing. (That was not his usual gentle sense of humor, which made it even funnier - that it came from him of all dads.))

And graduations. I graduated in December, 25 years ago this week. I moved back into my HS bedroom, got a part time job slinging boxed software at the Egghead in a strip mall on Winchester (a strip mall on the near side of the mall, not that weird one° a half-mile away on the far side.)

Since today’s graduate actually has a job offer (!), with a major consulting company you’ve heard of (!!), I guess the obvious first stop would be the office gifts page.

Heavy Duty Electric Coin Sorter ($119.99)? Portable Smart Phone Photo Vault ($99.99 or more) smartphone image stealer? Thing That Makes One Plug Turn Into Three Plugs ($59.99) (sorry, that's the 12-in-1 Compact Power Adapter)?



That leaves the Pressure Relieving Gel Cushion ($89.99). It's "the seating solution for anyone who sits for long periods of time."

Hey kid, have a seating solution.

It's also "made of Purple™ Hyper-Elastic Polymer."

(They trademarked "purple"? Wait is this one of the podcast mattress companies maybe? Isn't there a Purple in that game? Hm.)

Eh. We'll just write him a check.

° This link is supposed to jump to the bit about Showbiz Pizza on Day 13. I think my blog platform's Javascript is interfering. Developing... [update: oh, it works when I push to production. ok.]