Dec 16, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two

Slip Slidin' Away

The staples have started to give on Sharper Image Holiday 2019. No wonder; I've folded it in two and carried around the lake with me three times now, on top of the usual flipping-around and thumbing-through.

The first time I walked around the lake with it, wound up doing nothing with it, because I'd intended to get into the park and sit and dictate snark into my phone... and then my phone died.

The second time, I was trying to walk and hold a leash and count items-per-page. (See.)

The third time I actually did manage to dictate a few paragraphs while walking and holding a leash. It was during this third walk that the center printer's pair of Sharper Image Holiday 2019 slipped out of its tri-stapled hold. Goodbye, pp. 37-40!

So long, Easiest To Read Digital Tape Measure ($49.99) and coordinating 2-in-1 Digital Laser Tape Measure (Blue Only) ($79.99)!

And goodbye to you, Full-Page Floor Magnifying Glass ($99.99) and Full-Page Cordless Desk Magnifier (Silver finish only) ($59.99). I am disappointed in myself, that I have not been able to identify the original documents being examined, in your glossy action photos.°

A pleasure seeing you again, Digital BBQ Fork ($44.99). I look forward to digital bbq again next year.

Anyone hoping for a true fantasy from you, Fantasy Jellyfish Aquarium ($99.99), is a damn fool. You remind me of nothing so much as those water-filled pushbutton games of my Showbiz Pizza youth. Unfun crap plastic.

We'll start again from Sharper Image Holiday Special Edition 2019 (a/k/a Catalog 2), tomorrow. (Spoiler: it's all the same stuff, with different page numbers).

° hey! When I decided to pull down photos of all these things I realized you can see the book much more clearly. It's Deadly Secrets
Even with the title, I didn't find it until I engaged Google Image Search and filtered deeper using the filter-by-color tool. Author: Karen Barnes.
At a glance, this seems about as unlikely as the Digital Underground EP. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
While I'm here... I still can't get enough detail on the other photo, to see what he's reading. A coffee table book of architecture? Is that an amphitheater? Or a midcentury box? Maybe FLW? Does that red square mean anything? The paperback in the other photo was published in 2017. FLW's "Organic Architecture" was reprinted in 2017 and has a red square on the cover... whaddya think??
I'm not even gonna try to get the other book, the one under the vase on the side table. I can't tell if that's a mime, a model, or the gal from Swing Out Sister. Two words, first ends in CH, second in LE. ERICH LASALLE. BEACH BALLE. Who knows. (Someone knows, right at a glance. She's not me.)