Dec 17, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two

Things Change; Things Stay The Same

Chaos today. Whole website fell over; bits everywhere. Watch your step.

I said yesterday that the Sharper Image Holiday Special Edition 2019 was all the same stuff, with different page numbers.

I stand by that, without spreadsheet-driven proof. I'm not going to map it all out item-to-item, but my intuition is strong and the page count is identical.

A lot, but not all, of the spreads are identical. What I mean is, for example, pp. 74-75 of Catalog 1 are identical to pp. 38-39 of Catalog 2. Pefectly identical. But the printer's pairs are not the same. The back of page 74 in Catalog 72 (p. 73, natch) does not contain the same items as p. 37 in Catalog 2. The shuffle is not happening at the printer's level.

Which... why would it? No one involved in this thing has any idea what I'm talking about. You just do all your layout on a computer, mix and match how you want, and the print catalogs spit out at some third-party mailing service co-located in a big city USPS hub.

All of the remaining pages are not-identical, but awful-damn-close. In many cases the layout is the same, but the products are shuffled. Three of five items might match the Other Catalog, but the other two products are swapped. Whether there's a deeper pattern -- the swaps themselves have a pattern -- I can't tell without a matching spreadsheet. Without time, I can't make the spreadsheet.

Anyway, things fell apart hard today but we'll get back on the Digital Horse tomorrow, hopefully.

Hey nearly 300 words; that'll do, pig.