Dec 19, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two


For all the gadgets and gizmos in my house, I've never been a big clock person. Weather gadgets? Only sort-of. (My dad was a pilot, the weather was always a thing for him; I guess it rubbed off in a limited fashion.)

Since the dawn of the LCD display, pretty much everything that plugs in or takes batteries has had a blinking digital readout on it. That said, I rarely pay attention to clock-setting. (Obvious exceptions: making the oven and microwave clocks tick-over at the same time. A maddening game I play twice a year.)

Despite all the LCD-clock-sporting° VCRs and pressure-cookers and Discmen and tire-pressure gauges I've owned, I've never had one that could sync to the national atomic clock. What a clever thing everyone takes for granted. It'll probably go away soon. (googles. Of course; good guess.)

So what if I actually wanted one of these? Which one to buy? Better make a chart.

Oh a chart's not enough; you need to see each one, too? Okay:

sorry broken until further notice

Color Weather Station ($79.99), pg. 52, it is.

° Le Cloq Sportif, non?