Dec 20, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two


I was thinking about this today, before realizing that today is the 20th... with the changing of the year here in a few days, people are gonna being saying "twenty-twenty" a lot. For a few weeks, people over 40 are gonna be saying it as Barbara Walters.

The question is: Are you a `Gilda` or a `Cheri` Baba Wawa?

I'm a Cheri, fer shure. Her clipped, "twen.tee.twen.tee." always cracked me up. Plus I vaguely recall my mom doing a Gilda "Baba Wawa!" and no self-respecting teen wants to be like his mom.

I can't really find a product in the Sharper Image Holiday Special Edition 2019 that has a damn thing to do with this observation.

The Night Time Driving Glasses ($69.99) surely don't improve your vision to 20/20, but they "are scientifically engineered to enhance your vision in low-intensity light situations."

cool dad driving glasses
"Unisex Navigator style."

(Find me a woman who would be caught dead in these.)