Dec 21, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two

Run Rudolph Run

@ mom's for the weekend.

She should be in Guinness Book of World Records for amount of weird knick-knacks retained over a lifetime.

I posted this on Instagram yesterday. The next morning I read someone asking, in the comments, "What am I looking at?" and by coincidence, Mom had just started telling T what it was. I had no idea she had a name for it.

(Audio to be inserted when I have a better connection to the world.)

What does this have to do with Sharper Image? Uhmmm. Okay, we had a colonial-era breadbox in our den in the 80s that served as a sort-of low end-table by the sofa. This guy camped out on one end of the breadbox, and the other end tended to be the spot where people dropped the mail, upon entering the den from the side door.

So this guy saw a lot of catalogs, back in the day.