Dec 22, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two

Two and two are four

This... this might actually be from Sharper Image.

It takes a C battery and was made in West Germany and I honestly think I might've bought it for my dad from the Sharper Image in the Saddle Creek shopping center, when that was a brand new glittering-80s place to shop (and no longer "the cool woods across from McDonald's where the big kids have all those bike jumps.")

I don't know how to be sure. There were a lot of clocks and clock-radios and radios and alarms that came and went, in our house... but I can almost see this on the shelf at the Sharper Image, a little podium-type shelf out in the walkway, not up against a wall... maybe under glass with some other little travel knick-knacks...

Dunno. Maybe I'm playing tricks on myself, to come up with today's post. Hm.