Dec 23, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two

Hand in Glove

Had a pre-xmas Xmas with Mom yesterday and she gave T something awfully similar to the Moisturizing Glove and Bootie Set ($69.99).

What this tells me is that Sharper Image is upselling all the same random crap she shops for at Tuesday Morning. Specifically, in the Clearance & Scratch-n-Dent section of the Tuesday Morning. If she paid more than $11.99 for this item, I'd be stunned.

But hey, I get to see how/whether the moisturizer stuff actually survives "approximately 100 treatments."

"One size fits most women." Β°

(We also got little jars of (i) premade/commercial bruschetta toppings and (ii) seasonings -- various things, herbes de Provence, Greek spices, etc, but we had to open each of them so Mom could scoop out a few tablespoons of each, for herself, into empty jars from her Infinite Stash of Small Clean Jars. Hey, a chance to use the label-maker!)

Β° cue "The Bizarro Jerry," airdate 3 October 1996.