Dec 3, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two, By The Numbers, III.

III. No seriously, what have we got?

You might have, in your mind's eye, the general idea of Stuff One Finds In A Sharper Image Catalog. SOFIA-SIC. Take a second, scratch a couple of things down if you want.

I wasn't particularly scientific, here, but I went through the catalog several times over, making little notes, coming up with informal categories, then expanding, removing, and breaking them apart. I decided that items can be in multiple categories, then I changed my mind and decided they can't, then re-changed my mind when I realized what I was really doing.

I was really tagging items the way you might tag a blog post. #food, #infrared, #SPORTS!, #itVibrates, etc...

I ended up with the following: cameras, headphones/speakers, things with LEDs, things with RAM, radios, chargers, clocks, air filtration - conditioning - aromatherapy - humidity, infrared/heat-related, neck-related, shower, SPORTS, booze, gloves, luggage-ish, pillows/bedding, ocular, non-vibrator massaging - body-aligning, grill stuff, mirrors, nose-hair - back-hair - razors, old media -> what do?, gather evidence for divorce, printer, cleaning "help", stupid expensive chairs, FEET, vibes, FIRE, food (excluding booze/grill), auto.

Multiple tags obviously apply to items. A thing with infrared lamps that goes around your neck would tick "neck-related" and "infrared/heat-related." A bathroom mirror ringed with tiny lights ticks "things with LEDs" and "mirrors."

Right? Easy.

But! Some of those categories didn't really pan out, after everything was tagged. There were far fewer printers and cameras than I remembered/expected. The "stupid expensive chair" category only got two ticks (I didn't count, I don't think, the available swivel chair that matches the Grab Hat Monster Mash Matinee arcade game, though it is stupidly expensive compared to swivel chairs down at your local Waterbeds, Hot Tubs and Pool Tables and also Bar Stools For Some Reason store.)

Finally, I sorted and arbitrarily split the results. Categories with double-digit results, I deemed "major" categories. There were six of these. Taking twice that many (uh, twelve more) as "minor" categories happened to split the table nicely between the 4-counts and 5-counts, so the final table drops everything 4 and below. (So long, vibrators and chairs and vibrating chairs!)

a table

I renamed some things for the final table. Like "non-vibrator massaging - body-aligning" became "gizmos for the bod." Having re-christened the category, I was tempted to go back and re-categorize because I'm sure the counts are off, but I gotta wrap this up.

(I dunno. Maybe when the third catalog comes along and I'm running low on material?)

SO! The end result? Sharper Image sells primarily gizmos with heat, gizmos for your bod, things involving your feet, things with LEDs, crap car gadgets, and crap kitchen gadgets.Β°

That match your notes?

Honestly, the biggest surprise for me is Food Gizmos outnumbering Speakers & Headphones. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Β° Update from the editing room: Necks and feet are also part of a bod and I should really re-do this entire project with a better sense of what I'm trying to accomplish.