Dec 7, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two

1SIC2M2 Goes Interactive

Every item in the catalog has a similar entry. Descriptive text, size/capacity information, a formal name, a SKU number, a price, an image. Sometimes a phony testimonial (about which, stay tuned maybe).

Some of the image include extra little bits of textual information. Random example: the Ultimate Cordless Power Scrubber ($129.99) on p. 22 includes text superimposed over the photo that reads "5 Unique Brush Heads." (It actually has 2 different sets of this kind of text. At an angle, along the neck of the mop, are the words "Extends up to 35.5 inches!" That's almost whimsical.)

Anyway, I was poking around under the hood of the website and realized I didn't need to take so many photos of the catalog with my phone; you can grab images straight from their content delivery network if you know a little HTML & JS.

The only thing that really took any time, with today's project, was typing up all the bits of this kind of text. Built a little randomizer, fiddled with a few buttons, and made this:


If we rack up some good ones I'll post them on xmas eve.

The more I fool with it, the more I see that some of the images are less-than-ideal. Many of them are cropped for the catalog. Some of the "source" images have words or branding not otherwise visible in the catalog. Oh well! It was still fun to build...