Dec 1, 2019

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many Two


When I was a kid, there were a few years where, on December 1, I'd put together a puzzle then take 24 pieces out of the middle. (This puzzle, at least a couple of times.) Each day thereafter I'd add a piece back, until Christmas Eve. My own tiny little Advent puzzle calendar. INCOMING TOYS COUNTDOWN.

A few years ago I saw a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar on Amazon and bought it as a goof. It was fun, I did another one two years later; they were both on a photo-oriented WordPress blog I kept for a while then deleted. (As I do.) The pictures survived; I reused them for another Advent-ish project around here.

(It's not really "Advent," I guess. It's more like NaNoWriMo and similarthing-a-day efforts. Just something to entertain yourself as the pages whisk off the wall calendar. Still, if you do it in December and you celebrate something-or-other at the end of the month... it looks like Advent.)

Last year this happened, and I guess we're going to do it again. Whether or not the crowd is pleased remains to be seen.