December 2018

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many

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Day 9

Travel UV Sanitizing Wand

Day 10

8 Device Charging Station with Quick Charging

Day 11

USB Discreet Personal Recorder

Day 11, again

8 Device Quick Charging Station (?)

Day 12

Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Cabaret

Day 13

The Bacon Express Toaster

Day 14

VR Headset with Earphones

Day 15

Personal Massager

Day 16

Total Hand Compression Massager

Day 17

Men's Cordless Shaver and Body Groomer

Day 18

10-in-1 Flip Pillow

Day 19

The Photo Vault

Day 20

The Thoughtless Ones

Day 21

The Premium Innovative Defrosting Tray

Day 22

Heated Personal Massager

Day 23

The World's First At-Home Professional LED Lip Therapy Device

Day 24

The NFL Deluxe Electric Football Game