Dec 19, 2018

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many

The Photo Vault

This is maybe the most insidious of the "creep" gadgets on offer in this catalog. Nothing about it surprises me except that they don't call it "discreet".

"Grab all the photos off any USB-equipped device (that's probably yours?)"

"Get 2 or more to back up large archives without making duplicates." I don't understand this sentence but okay, sure. Buy a case of 'em; pass them out at the corporate retreat next summer. What could go wrong.

(What if the Sharper Image catalog is just a mirror, reflecting the personality and intentions of each reader? gulp.)

I find it marginally sane, in Catalog the Third, that The Photo Vault is pitched as a way to drain photos off your phone. As the Help Desk for about 5 iPhone users constantly griping about 'storage', this is good pitch. I'm not saying this is a good solution,Β° but from a marketing standpoint, it's a good pitch.

Product Pitch 101: Find the annoying thing, play it up, sell the solution.

(I was looking for the one where the lady fumbles ludicrously with some closet hangers but this one found me first.)

(I still think this is really about trying to steal pics off someone else's device.)

Β° (a) Remember that photos are like MS Outlook mail - you gotta double-delete, (b) Delete your Messages threads; a long-standing convo full of fratboy-level humor can really take up space. Manspreadin' all over your storage-subway. (This is a delightful metaphor).