Dec 21, 2018

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many

The Premium Innovative Defrosting Tray

""Thermal conductor."" Wowwie.

When I was a sophomore in college, Wade and I rented a pretty crummy apartment in a strangely remote part of Gainesville, pretty far south of University and just one road east of the highway that demarked SE from SW. (The campus and most of the student population being located in the SW.)

There was a discount store called Pic N Save° nearby, in the same shopping center as the run-down Winn Dixie where we bought groceries. We didn't shop at Pic N Save often; there was a distinct Dollar Store quality to most of the stuff they sold.

That said, the things we did buy, I remember:

  • A blackwatch-plaid blanket that might still be in the back of my linen closet (cheap; my dogs slept on it for years - it might have gone in the trash a year or two ago, come to think of it).
  • A set of grey dishes with navy stripes around, that travelled from Gainesville to St Pete and then KB took them to Lakeland and they are still, today, his primary dish-set, at his pad in the Bachelor Arms Apartments out on Drane Field Road.
  • A styrofoam cooler (the cheapest possible kind, with the wobbly plastic handle?) with the then-new Gator logo ("hate it. bring back collegiate-sweater Albert") on it, that crumbled when someone sat on it in our kitchen about 45 minutes after we bought it.
  • A spaghetti strainer that was my primary kitchen sieve until I went to grad school (and my parents downsized to a smaller house and I 'inherited' a bunch of their kitchen gear).

Sort of a kitchen theme? Yeah. The one other thing I remember buying at Pic N Save was As Seen on TV... a "quick defrost" thingie that supposedly made defrosting the ubiquitous boneless skinless frozen chicken breast a snap!

It was just a piece of metal. Metal is a thermal conductor.

Sharper Image: Pic N Save but with the look of milled aluminum and hi-tech bolts for some reason.

° TIL: Pic N Save became MacFrugals which got eaten by Big Lots.