Dec 24, 2018

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many

The NFL Deluxe Electric Football Game

Blue Planet III

David Attenborough (V/O): The adult male-model passes on numerous learned traits to other male-models during designated holiday bonding moments.

Here, the “sports dad” passes on its phony enthusiasm fist-pump (P.E.F.P.) to a younger member of its kind, the “non-threatening son”.

I’m not an Xs and Os guy so I’m not entirely sure what exciting action is presently transpiring in this photo. Some sort of exhilarating “lining up for a punt” or something. "F^#k yeah! This calls for a P.E.F.P.!"

From the detailed specs, online:

  • Metal playing field (field size: 32” x 16”)
  • NFL team and conference logo stickers
  • FieldDrive™ motion generator: a wired handheld controller that regulates the vibration speed of the turf

These people have one overarching obsession.