Dec 14, 2018

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many

VR Headset with Earphones

You know that Futurama where they're all skiing°, but the Professor is on autopilot and is actually asleep? That’s what I see here.

(Whenever I think of the Professor, this is what I hear. "Whoo! s a f e.")

N.B.: the hands, again. So weird.

N.B.B.: Looking closely at the silver-plastic knob on the side of this thing, I just realized I own the non-earphones version of this, in black. T got it for B for xmas last year and he thought it was so dumb he didn't even open it. I found it in his room in March and fiddled with it a little.

He was right.

° “Xmas Story,” S02E04