Dec 17, 2018

One Sharper Image Catalog Too Many

Men's Cordless Shaver and Body Groomer

You know, I liked it better when they were being oblique. I don't need to see this gizmo quite so close to its target.

There's something Bret Easton Ellis-y about the two-ended-ness of this thing. (There's something Bret Easton Ellis-y about The Sharper Image, maybe.) Like, Bateman is gonna be in a black & white-checkerboard tile shower, shaving in the fog-free mirror plumbed into the showerhead, he starts singing "Walkin' on a Thin Line" into it, struts out to the black vanity with the green marble countertop, twirls this gizmo 540 degrees and shaves his back while humming the drums from "The Man's Too Strong."

BUM badum, badumma DUM DUM DUM, bam... bambam...

Gross tool for a gross tool. "Check out my business card AND my clean-shaven back."

For real, what does the casting call look like here?

ISO: Male hand-model, hairy. Shoot requires chestal exposure.

$: Scale + a free body-hair trimmer if you want.